Planum interlocking clay roof tiles

*The dimensions indicated in this chart allow a tolerance of approximately +/- 2%.

** Theoretic value: this should be re-calculated on site with the tiles that are to be used.

Slate Details
Planum Clay Tiles
444mm x 280mm x 32mm
Pieces / M squared
Red Klinker
Jaspee Red Klinker
Rustic Red Klinker
Burgundy Klinker
Brown Klinker
Pepper Klinker
Galaxy Klinker
Slate Klinker
Blackstone Klinker
Batten Gauge
370 mm (+ 6mm; -44 mm)
Covering Width
237 mm (+2mm /-1mm)
Min Roof Pitch
10 degrees
Battens Required per M Squared
2.65 lin. mtrs

Planum interlocking clay roof tiles

  • Specially designed for low pitch roofs down to 10º
  • Double interlocking flat clay roof tile for perfect waterproofing.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Slate aesthetic and excellent flatness.

Planum tile is a double interlocking flat clay roof tile available in a large range of colours. Fittings and clay accessories have been designed for a quick and secure installation. Planum tiles are manufactured using the most modern technology that allows us to give a product warranty of 100 years.